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I’m sure currently you are searching for Faucet Valves merchandise, therefore you tend to be in correct blog. Currently you happen to be reading Fittila F501 Stop Valve publish. And I really hope you can find helpful info in in this article before you invest in Faucet Valves item. Right now I wish to select Fittila F501 Stop Valve. Little details that this Fittila F501 Stop Valve merchandise is made by Fittila firm.

The current Fittila F501 Stop Valve Description:

Fittila push-fit angle valve controls water flow to household plumbing fixtures – the push-fit connector makes this Fittila valve easy and quick to install without the use of soldering. – With this quarter turn handle, you are able to easily stop the flow of water that leads to your plumbing fixtures without having to turn off the water supply to the entire home. – Connecting supply lines to fixtures and appliances using these new Fittila product brings the speed and convenience of push-fit connections to the final phase of your plumbing jobs. – With these new Fittila push fittings stop valves and the 5′ lengths or 50′ coils of 1/4 inch (3/8″ od) pex tubing it’s easy to make risers the exact length needed for connecting fixtures and appliances. – No more problems with flexible lines that are too long or too short, cut. Push. Done. It’s easy with Fittila. – Connects copper, cpvc and pex pipe in any combination. – No soldering, clamps, unions needed. – Certified to 200 psi and 200°f. – All Fittila brass products are lead free. – Certified for potable water and hydronic. – Integral tube liner for pex installations. – Fittings can even be rotated after assembly for easier installation in tight spaces.

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